Getting our dream house 1

I don’t mind a Hansel & Gretal Gingerbread House!

I never know buying a house can be such a difficult task. After all, I am a simple man. I did my sums and calculations, decided for a 3room flat, and decided to ballot for it directly from HDB.

But alas, the 1st ballot attempt, we drew a number 196 out of 200 flats. My ideal flat was already taken on the first day of selection. The 2nd ballot, we drew 1143 out of 150 flats available. We placed our hopes on the 3rd ballot, and drew 5899! By the 4th try and just 6months before wedding, the HDB letter to us wrote something like, “Because your queue number is too far behind, we will not make an appointment with you. Should there be any left over of flats, we will contact you again.”

Left without a choice, we targeted the resale market. We saw a total of 20 over flats, but there was none that both of us can agree on. We had very different requirements after all.

These were what my fiancee wished for in her dream home:

  1. Corner Unit for privacy
  2. North South facing to avoid direct sun, and hence reduced electrical bills in the long term
  3. Convenient amenities nearby
  4. Safe, uncomplicated neighbourhood
  5. Cool flat i.e. windy
  6. High floor

While these were what I wished for:

  1. Near to parent’s home
  2. Unblocked view (windows not face to face with nearby HDB blocks)
  3. Walking distance from MRT and bus stops
  4. Good price with less than 10k COV (Cash Above Valuation)
  5. Low floor (more functional i.e. if lift spoils)

There was this one flat, which fulfills all the criteria, except for the “no direct sun” condition. Nonetheless, we liked the fact that the  flat was especially windy and very well maintained – which means we can save on the renovations. It also has a huge living room which was what we wanted. As we were in two minds about it, we delayed our offer and left. 5mins later, the agent messaged us, “flat sold”. The next visitor after us, whom we saw walking in as we were walking out, bought the flat.

We came to another house. This time, this house fulfills all of our criteria, and was going at valuation price! This means that the COV is $0! Logically, we should jump on it, but somehow, we just don’t sense that is the right house for us. As Christians, we often trust our sensing to be a way our God may guide us in. Our agent reminds us that our deadline for purchasing a flat is running out. However, we decided to let this opportunity pass because we did not sense God in it.

By then, we were wondering, “Maybe God wants us to rent a house so as to grow our investments? Maybe God wants us to stay with our parents till the house prices drop as a result of the recession?” Maybe this, maybe that. Whatever it is, we decided not to fret. We decided to just trust. If we have to rent in the end, we will rent.

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3 Responses to Getting our dream house 1

  1. Sin says:

    Wah you so lucky first time draw 196 out of 200 flats 🙂 me draw 477 out of 186 for the first time, and HDB says first time got priorty 🙁 2nd time worse 5773 out of 486 flats. Think maybe I should go for resale heehee

  2. Roxanne says:

    Resale may not be a bad idea bro. Some locations are cheaper and the flats are bigger. I love my Pasir Ris newly renovated flat. It’s as good as new, and BIG as well… 😀

  3. Some truly fantastic blog posts on this website , thankyou for contribution.

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