My Proposal 1

Last Sunday was Easter Sunday. As Christians, Easter Sunday mean a lot to us because of Christ’s Resurrection. For Roxanne and me, it holds an even more meaningful memory.

Last Easter was the day I proposed.

I wanted to get married before the age of 30. Rox knows that and was expecting a proposal before 2007 runs out cause that will give a 1 year sweet buffer to Dec 2008, where I turn 30. However, somehow, things just didn’t seem to work out. I couldn’t firm up my ideas for proposal. I was empty when I was writing my proposal song. There was simply no creative revelation. And most important of all, there were unexplainable hiccups of approval from people that mattered to us.

We ended 2007 quarreling. Rox was upset as I had told others that I would propose by Dec 07, and everyone was asking her if I had proposed. She got tired answering them. I can imagine her frustration too, but somehow, I just don’t seem to have the necessary resources made available to me to propose. I concluded that when it’s time, things will somehow work out.

Weeks passed. One day, on 25-Feb-08, while praying, I suddenly received a vision of my proposal – it was nighttime, on a hilltop, with some lights, within a shelter. I vaguely figured out the date of the proposal – 23 Mar 08 – a month before our 1-year anniversary (as boyfriend and girlfriend). Coolest of all, I thought I heard God congratulated me and wished me all the best!

Within that same hour, I wrote my proposal song, lyrics included, something I failed to produce for the last few months!

So with one month to proposal, I gathered all my helpers, produced a scrapbook detailing our story, planned the location decor, bought all the necessary stuffs, made arrangements for the actual day, booked restaurant etc. Meanwhile, I had to juggle my full time job and attend army Remedial Training for failing my fitness test. If not for some divine affirmation, I wouldn’t have believed that all this can be done within a month!

Here are some of our proposal pictures:

Proposal Page

Falling Snow


One of my helpers, Chavonne, had been wanting to leave Singapore for a holiday break. But somehow, when her auntie called her and offered exactly that, she turned it down without knowing why. The next day, she got my message asking her to help me for the proposal and agreed delightfully (she knew the reason why she turned her auntie down).

I arranged to meet Chavonne to show her the place that I intended to propose. Something strange then happened. Chavonne subsequently dreamt of my proposal and sketched the scene out. I had not told her the exact location I was planning to propose. I only gave her a general location to meet the rest of the helpers where I will then pick them up.

She dreamt that I proposed on a hilltop overlooking buildings and trees, and along the way up to the hill, there was a church with a bell in it. This was what she drew when she woke up:


You could see the hilltop, the buildings and trees, and a pavilion (which looks like a house with a table and seats inside). There is also a church along the way up to the hilltop. This church is a special church in that it has a bell inside, as displayed in the next sketch:


The church with a bell.

Here’s how the actual location of my proposal look like:

You can clearly see the decorated pavilion (it has a Japanese style round wooden table and 2 seating mats inside) in these two pictures. The photo on the left also captured the bright building lights below the hilltop.

This was the reason why Roxanne and I were both shocked when we saw Chavonne’s sketch. Chavonne was shocked too when I first drove her up to the location – it was exactly like what she saw in her dream.

However, there was still a mystery surrounding her drawing – where is the church with the bell? None of us noticed any church, and it is not very common to find churches with bells in Singapore at all.

Days after the proposal, we deliberately drove back to Mt Faber to try and solve the mystery.

To our amazement, along the same winding road up the hill, is this white building that we have often passed by but missed – when we went in to explore, we discovered that it is actually the “Danish Seamen Church”. It has a bell outside!

The “Danish Seaman Church” at Mt Faber


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