My Proposal 2

Chavonne’s story is not the only testimony we had from our proposal.

Elkan and Melvin, another two of my helpers, have a story to tell too.

Elkan and Melvin were supposed to be my “guardian angels”. As I was proposing in a public place like Mt Faber, I needed assistance to prevent the public from heading up into the pavilion where I will be proposing.

With the pavilion well decorated and curtained with lights from within, I was sure it would catch the attention of people nearby.

The last thing I need when I pop the question, “Will you marry me?” is to have our curtains pulled off suddenly and our privacy invaded. Hence, Elkan and Melvin were playing a most important role.

So on the proposal day, after our romantic candlelight dinner, I blindfolded Rox and led her to the pavilion. There, I showed her the scrapbook I made and recounted our journey together. As we were inside, we could already see through the translucent curtain, curious onlookers and passer-bys whispering about the decorated pavilion we were in.

“Do not worry, I have got my guardian angels, Elkan and Melvin, keeping watch outside,” I confidently assured Rox. They were the reasons why we felt so safe and secure. They were the reasons why we could thoroughly enjoy our private moments in such a public place.

It was after I had proposed to Roxanne and she had said yes, when we noticed a group of passer-bys who seemed to take considerable  interest in our pavilion. They seemed to inch closer to our pavilion. They sounded Korean.

As this group approached, we could see from the translucent curtains, two shadowy figures in the shape and size of my two friends, running out and redirecting them away. We could even hear Elkan saying something like, “Excuse me… er… my friend is proposing inside.. would u mind…”

We could not hear the rest of the conversation which fizzled out.

Nevertheless, we were both very impressed by Elkan and Melvin’s professionalism.

We were also very touched that they sacrificed so much of their time and did such a wonderful job for us.

When Rox went out of the pavilion to look for them to ask them to join us, she called out their names repeatedly, but they stayed hidden. Best buddies, I thought.

After Rox and I left, I SMSed Elkan and Melvin a thank you message, signalling to them that they can now clear up the pavilion.

The next day, when we met Elkan to collect the proposal props from him, we praised and thanked him constantly for his wonderful and professional service.

We especially remarked at how we saw him running out and stopping the group that was walking towards the pavilion.

Elkan had this puzzled look on his face throughout when we praised him. His expression was so strange that I was getting a little confused.

Then, he made a most unthinkable remark.

“Actually, I am sorry, because we did not really keep watch for you. Shortly after you arrived, we felt hungry and decided to drive down for a quick supper.”

I was shocked, “Didn’t you run out and stop a group of Korean tourists before you went for a meal?”

“Nope I didn’t.” replied Elkan. Not only did he confirmed that he did not stop any group, he confessed that both of them went missing in action till I SMSed them to tell them I was done.

By then, all three of us could feel our hairs standing. We just looked at each other, not knowing what to say or to make out of this. Until Elkan suddenly broke the silence.

“Before we ate, we felt guilty. So Melvin made a prayer – he asked God to send his angels to keep watch over you, in place of the two of us.”

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