Our Wedding Rings!

We went to collect our rings today and were happy to see our specially designed ring come into fruition before our eyes.

As you can see, it is a ring customized with a story. Our story.

Roxanne and I met while doing social work in China. This is a common mission we share and it is is how we like our partnership to be. So we engraved our convictions in the ring.

The picture of a guy and a girl on a plane marks our vision together – we would serve where needs are, beyond the shores of Singapore.

If you look clearly, you can see small diamonds scattered around on both rings. This actually represent snow. Snow was the first sign I received from God that Roxanne is the one.

As a young Christian, I prayed naively with a childlike faith that God would rain snow for me when I meet the one. I completely forgot about this prayer until the day it rained snow in China, while Roxanne was with me. It was the first time we ever saw snow in our lives and we literally hopped and danced on the streets – to others’ bewilderment!

Lastly, the sun that shines brightly with extending rays represent the great hope we have in our union and in our love, because of God. We engraved the words “1234 To God be the Glory 2359” on the inside of our rings.

1234 – the day we got together (It was a Monday, 23 Apr).

2359 – the day we will get married (23 May 2009).

Credits to Fairy’s Inc who made these rings possible.

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2 Responses to Our Wedding Rings!

  1. Belle says:

    Wow! I love the rings!!! So special. Be careful not to take it out unnecessary like Ad Ong who lost his at the pool!:)

  2. Leo says:

    Thanks for compliments. I guess I better not take mine out… 😉

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