British backpackers had triple the number of sexual partners

In a report today about British backpackers’ sexual behaviour in Australia, some frightening statistics were revealed:

  1. British backpackers in Australia often had triple the number of sexual partners they would have at home.
  2. Even for those who are already married or have a partner at home, 39.7% of them continued to have multiple sexual partners in Australia.
  3. For those who are single, 40.9% reported inconsistent condom use and 24% had unprotected sex with multiple partners.

What would you make out of these statistics?

Here are my comments:

Knowing about condoms do not guarantee its use. The high percentage of Brits who continues to engage in unprotected sex shows that it is the lost of conservative mores in their culture, rather than a lack of knowledge about condoms, that is behind their moral decline, health, family and children issues.

I am not even beginning to touch on the issue regarding the “actual effectiveness of a condom” and how “safe sex” is actually only “moderately safer sex”.

If I am raised and married in Britain, I would be really concerned, since at least one-third of them engage in adulterous affairs. If I can even hold my relationship and keep it intact. Not to mention true love, intimacy and health issues. If I grow up in such a culture, I will either be pressured to give in and be an unfaithful partner myself. Or be a quiet loser despised for my values. If I even speak out or stand up to defend the cultural decline, I will be deemed archaic, out-dated and backward. Now, who of you here remembers that conservative values have stood the test of time and are at one point, defined to be the bedrock of a strong family and nation.

Britain has been voted by UNICEF, the UN’s children’s charity as the worst place to raise children, among a league of industrialized nations. They are closely followed by America. Statistics put these countries as having one of the highest rate of STDs worldwide. One-quarter of American teens has an STD and one-fifth of all Americans above the age of 13 has herpes. Eighty percent of Brits who have herpes, remain unaware, undiagnosed and untreated. Not to mention that there is no known cure for herpes. Everyone with herpes continues to spread the disease even when there appears to be no symptoms.

I can go on and on with the list of shocking statistics… it is unbelievable at times, and it gets depressing each time I mention it.

I hope Singapore never gets mentioned in such a way as above, but I believe we could be at this critical, make or break juncture.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I am with you, bro! I know a friend of mine whose daughter are in such a state. Really disheartening. especially is no longer what we can control. I hope our youths are hearing this important message! and ultimately practise what they truly hold on to..

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    Brilliant article. Thanks!

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