A threathened miscarriage

This period has been really trying.

It’s as if everything chooses its timing to happen now.

Rox was readmitted to hospital indefinitely because she’s showing signs of threatened labour.

Her cervix has shortened at an alarming rate, from 4.8cm to 3.0cm, over a span of 5 days.

There were signs of funneling at the opening of the cervix.

Last that we were notified yesterday, was that Roxanne’s water bag has lowered.

If she delivers now, our baby has less than 15% survival rate and even if she survives, the lengthy stay in the Neonatal ICU will incur charges amounting up to $80,000.

As if this were not enough, our house were found to be infested with termites.

I discover that while I was packing some clothes for Roxanne in the morning, after a night where I had no sleep and rest at all.

My house now is in a mess and I have to move to sleep in another room.

We have to inform our parents and make arrangements.

I have to invite a boy who has been staying with me to move out after these months so as to minimise our concerns.

I am also thinking of dropping a Magistrate complaint against a salesman for attacking me at my home, as the court meetings are happening right now together with all these.

My book and my drive for the fairy tale movement also has to take a back seat to all this.

We need all our attention and concentration to deal with Roxanne’s physical, emotional and mental health. And I have to stay mentally and emotionally strong to continue working to make sure we have what it takes to pay for my child’s arrival and hospital bills.

However, these trials have also reminded us that we must not forget to live life for a purpose.

We must not forget to raise our daughter alert and prepared, and for a purpose as well.

Perhaps the Lord is moulding us, like how James says – perseverance must finish it’s work.

Tribulation warns that many of us, even the elites, may not endure through.

I have faith in God that Rox and I will live through to understand His greater purposes for us. Other than drawing to Him and remaining in His Love, we have to BE STILL now, and know He is God.

Apologise if I am less able to respond or to meet your needs during this period, and I thank you for your prayers.

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