Baby’s miraculous growth – away from IUGR!

“Your baby’s too small! And, her growth has slowed even more!

Something’s wrong with your womb environment. In fact, if you are at 34 weeks now, we would definitely have bailed you out.”

The words of the doctor resounded quite worriedly as she described our baby’s growth rate.

At 25 weeks and an estimated 508 grams, she is below the 3rd percentile size of other fetuses her age.

This means that she belongs to the bottom 3% smallest and lightest of fetuses.

This size was estimated by her abdominal circumference, which then stands at 17.3cm. She was 16.5cm about 9 days ago and 14.1cm 3o days ago.

I did a simple calculation:

It took 3 weeks for baby’s abdominal circumference to grow from 14.1cm to 16.5cm. That’s a 0.8cm increase each week.

Then it took 9 days to grow from 16.5cm to 17.3cm. That’s 0.62cm growth in that week.

Baby’s growth has indeed slowed.

The result of this was more tests being prescribed for Roxanne in an attempt to find out the cause.

These included STD tests, a test on a kind of remote infection from cats, and even Rubella.

Roxanne rejected the unnecessary tests, including the STD ones.

It was also suggested that our baby could possibly be a Down Syndrome child. But this can no longer be ascertain as we rejected the test at 20 weeks when it was within the window period of accuracy. We knew then that Down Syndrome or not, baby’s ours and baby’s precious.

In response to the slow growth of our baby, we did the following in priority of importance:

  1. We continued to keep faith and believe God for His assurance to us.
  2. I told my baby literally that I will give her a goal – grow to 1kg as soon as she can! Daddy has given her the mandate to grow!
  3. We removed the word “xiao” from the way we usually addressed her. We called her “xiao xuan xuan”. “Xiao” means “little” and it’s time to do away with that. We believe that words have power.
  4. Last but not least, Roxanne tried to stuff herself more than her usual. It was not like she hasn’t been eating, but she just tries even harder now.

The next scan was exactly a week later from the last. Mathematically, if we worked on the rate of growth over the previous weeks, Yixuan should have grown somewhere about 0.7 / 0.8cm in her abdominal circumference. That will make her about 18cm in her AC since she was last at 17.3cm.

We held our breadths when the measurement was done.

The sonographer took a while to determine her new measurement – 19.0cm.. 18.9cm.. 18.8cm…

Finally, she puts Yixuan’s ac at 18.9cm.

We were stunned! From her last measurement at 17.3 cm, she not only grew more than 0.8cm, but she grew 1.6cm! That’s double the growth we had expected of her!

We then found out her new estimated weight was at 649grams! A quick calculation on my handphone shows that that’s a 28% growth in weight over a week!!!

Wow! Isn’t that a miraculous growth?!!!

Note: Even after her miraculous growth last week, Yixuan is still below the 3rd percentile and considered small. But at least doctors have acknowledge that she’s growing well.

Nevertheless, we are keeping faith and we are feeling the peace. Thank you for your prayers.

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