I miss my wife by my side

As Roxanne’s threatened miscarriage and early labour stabilized, I feel like a captain out in the seas where the storms have calmed. Yet it is at this time when the captain starts thinking of home and missing his wife by his side.

Despite me being there everyday by Roxanne’s bedside, every night, I still return home to an empty bed. How I wish for my dear to be beside me. I miss “our” times so much. Going out on dates, movies, long walks, supper, dashing here and there hurriedly – just having plain fun, “each other” moments.

It’s not loneliness. It’s plain missing of someone. Someone who’s close to you. Someone who’s your one and only soulmate.

And if I, while having the ability to move about, and being pretty meaningfully occupied at most times, can feel this way, I wonder how Roxanne feels lying and trapped on the bed in the hospital ward?

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