A supernatural childbirth?

Roxanne was finally discharged yesterday and is now home.

She has not bled for 25 days and our latest scan on Wed at 33 weeks showed that our baby is growing within the charts. Yixuan is now 1.66kg and will probably reach 2kg by next weekend.

2kg is a significant mark as it is one of 3 markers that will determine if a child should stay in neonatal ICU upon birth.

It was as if the Lord knew how significant it is that Roxanne would get to be discharged. Yesterday, He woke me with a song, an old favourite that goes, “You deserve, You deserve, You deserve all the praise…” His uninvited visit was received warmly with a delighted heart.

His precious presence affirmed me how He is part of our lives. He is God, and He desires to be involved in our family affairs. So, He came and celebrated with me.

I worshiped him in celebratory response. Then most surprisingly, He led me to grieve through the most difficult moments of the pregnancy. I broke down and wept aloud, when He reminded me that through all that, He has been there with us.

It’s always comforting to hear Him assure, that He will never let us go. Even as a counselor, it totally slipped my mind that I needed healing through those moments. I thought I managed it well, and with faith. But God knows better. He knew what I needed and He soothed me to grieve.

How would you respond when the Lord God Almighty, the Creator of the universe, showers you with such tender touch and love? In those moments of intimacy, I felt once again how words can never aptly describe my desire for Him.

After all, having been amongst many patients, including quite a number who went into per-term labour, we could not take our significant milestone for granted.

Throughout the 77 days of admission, from 22 weeks onwards, Roxanne had multiple complications and scares – threatened miscarriage, low lying placenta; cervix length shortening and funneling; intrauterine growth retardation (growth below 3rd percentile); maternal anemia (low blood count); 3 different kinds of bacteria infection; recurrent antepartum hemorrhage with threat of placenta abruption (recurrent bleeding)…

Yet till today, our baby is fine and well. We had not have to go through invasive surgery yet. We have been spared from astronomical charges at the neonatal ICU. Indeed, Roxanne would never be able imagine she can even be discharged at 33 weeks. How thankful we are for it.

So we are believing for even more now. We have heard that there is this thing called supernatural delivery. Perhaps, the more complicated our pregnancy process is, the greater the glory in-stored for us. Roxanne is doing what she is best at doing again – creating a list! Do you know that she had a whole list of what she would want in a husband? She got everything she asked for.

Roxanne’s faith list:

  • There will be no more antepartum haemorrhage.
  • No more infections.
  • Xuan Xuan will be born full term, healthy, of a good weight, length and size, with no compliations. She will also no need NICU.
  • The delivery will be absolutely pain free. Not only that, it will be filled with laughter and joy.
  • God’s presence will be felt enormously in the delivery room.
  • Xuan Xuan ill be in the most ideal position for childbirth, i.e., head down, facing my spine.
  • My cervix will dilate well & quickly and painlessly such that when I arrive at the delivery suite, Xuan Xuan is crowning and ready for delivery.
  • Xuan Xuan will be delivered smoothly – her head, shoulders and entire body will slip out smoothly. There will be no need for forceps, vacuum, cesarean, induction or medical intervention of any sorts.
  • There will also be no need for drugs and medication of any kind. The labour will not just be pain free but drug free too.
  • There will be no tearing in my vaginal. There will also be no episiotomy done on me.
  • The labour will be over in less than 10 mins.
  • I will be healthy and in optimal health before, during and after the delivery. So is Darling and Xuan Xuan.
  • I will not have any complications from the delivery.
  • After the delivery, there will not be postpartum haemorrhage, no infections, no tearing, no post-natal blues, no pain etc.
  • I will be able to deliver the placenta quickly and pain free.
  • My uterus will contract quickly and well.
  • I will have sufficient breast milk for Xuan Xuan and can immediately feed her and she will be satisfied.
  • My body will recover in an amazingly fast speed after delivery.
  • Excellent labour ward doctor(s) and nurse(s) on duty to tend to me.
  • I pray Xuan Xuan will be so lovely to behold, so easy to take care, so sweet and loving to all of us.

Will we get what we want? Nothing is impossible for God. We will pray for it. God-willing, I believe Roxanne will get the best possible experience that God wants her to go through. After all, all things work for the good of those who love God. He will decide, and we will keep faith. 

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