A dedication to my child

I dedicate my 34th birthday to my child – Yixuan.

Though she is yet to be born, she is my best birthday gift this year. Together with Roxanne, they will be the most precious treasures in my life, forever.


You were a surprise to both mummy and daddy. We thought you would never arrive. We thought we had missed you. But God decided He would bless us with joy we never understood.

I still remember when we first set our sights on you. It’s amazing how all your facial features were formed by 20weeks, though you were only the size of my palm.

Your face shape immediately reminds me of my own – I saw my nose on you. Your chin and forehead could be like mummy’s. You are beautiful.

Amusingly, you were chewing and swallowing – was there anything tasty?

And, the sonographer told us you were resting your head on one of your hands. Sounded like you were having a good time relaxing in mummy’s womb!

While we were still marvelling, I suddenly caught you throwing a punch at mummy! She felt your punch in her tummy instantly!

How delighted we are with you. You totally captivate our hearts.

From the time you were conceived, mummy would read about your development.

One week, she would tell daddy your heart was formed. The next, she would tell daddy your eyes are developing.

Then, it were your ears, your brain, your spine and your nervous system etc.

Week by week, we witnessed amazing miracles done by the hand of God. Honestly, there was nothing mummy and daddy were doing to contribute to your miraculous development. All mummy could do, is to try to eat and sleep well. All daddy could do, is to take good care of mummy.

It was then I realised. Who are we, even as your parents, to decide just how worthy and valuable you are?

You are more than what we think. You are a miracle on your own, a testimony of God’s greatness alone.

He was the one who took meticulously care to knit your being; personal responsibility to bring you forth through the threats of miscarriage. He will be the one to sustain you and bring you through and forth into life in and on earth.

The bible says that nothing about you escapes Him – He understands the depths of your heart; He knows the numbers of hairs on your head.

You are His child; His beloved, and He promised His heart to you forever – as your Father and as your Husband. This is His covenant to you.

You are His miracle. You have a value which no man, no expectations, no perceptions, are worthy to define.

Your worth is unimaginable. Your value is indescribable.

May you then, know who you are and take pride in your identity. You are His child.

May you take pride then in your purpose and your destiny.

May you not take pride in wealth and pleasures, or we would die sad knowing we can’t take along your possessions. May you not take pride in achievements, or we would fear failure, and not dare to take on challenges that matters.

May you not need anything, not want anything, unless it is by Him and of Him, for He will be everything you will ever need in life.

Live significantly because you are. You are wonderfully made.

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