Poll: “Singaporeans unhappiest in the world” reveals how media and popular opinion misleads literacy

Re-posted from http://wonderfullymade.com.sg5 questions were used to “prove” that Singaporeans are the unhappiest in the world.

  • Qn 1: Have you enjoyed yesterday?
  • Qn 2, 3, 4: Have you felt respected / rested / laughed and smiled a lot?
  • Qn 5: Have you done or learned something interesting?

No offense. But I have to say, this is a very very lousy poll.

Is this poll to say – if I revert back to my lifestyle when I was 18 – when I got drunk like a mad man; rested from hangovers; partied like there was no tomorrow; I laughed at every superficial outing; I behaved like a feared gangster and felt respected as well, I would score a full on this poll?

Yet I was unhappy, unfulfilled and even depressed.

You see, polls can be inaccurate and flawed with systematic errors. Many times, they are even conducted as advertising campaign and work for the agenda of paying companies. And the worst – journalists are parasites for polls because it gives them news to report (so they keep you glued) and sometimes an excuse to share viewpoints.

Like what I am doing now.

Get it?

So happily believe in everything as long as it is public opinion or reported by media. At least you won’t have to face the truth and can pretend to be happy. Keh keh! *Sarcasm intended*

PS: This is how journalism controls your head and pop culture rules your heart to the extent that black can become white and white can become black. (Like how the poll claims Singaporeans are worse off than war torn countries living in poverty. *And I am not advocating pride for being rich btw*)

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