I miss my wife by my side

As Roxanne’s threatened miscarriage and early labour stabilized, I feel like a captain out in the seas where the storms have calmed. Yet it is at this time when the captain starts thinking of home and missing his wife by his side.

Despite me being there everyday by Roxanne’s bedside, every night, I still return home to an empty bed. How I wish for my dear to be beside me. I miss “our” times so much. Going out on dates, movies, long walks, supper, dashing here and there hurriedly – just having plain fun, “each other” moments.

It’s not loneliness. It’s plain missing of someone. Someone who’s close to you. Someone who’s your one and only soulmate.

And if I, while having the ability to move about, and being pretty meaningfully occupied at most times, can feel this way, I wonder how Roxanne feels lying and trapped on the bed in the hospital ward?

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Steroids – to take or not to take?

Two days ago, when the MF (Maternal Fetal) High Risk team came around, they suddenly proposed Roxanne to take steroids on the very same day.

Steroids is to be taken in 2 dosages, 12 hours apart, and following the 2nd dose, the baby needs to be delivered in a week’s time, in order to experience the benefits of steroids. Otherwise, the injection would have been in vain.

While they do not hope for Roxanne to deliver in a week’s time, they are concerned with the intermittent bleeding in increasing quantity. They said it could be a tear behind the placenta, and the tear could be going deeper, which may result in a sudden abruption (total detachment of placenta from uterus walls). When that happens, baby would lose her supply of blood and oxygen and die within minutes.

At first, we disagreed to the steroids jab as we were unprepared and uncomfortable about it. But the team head, a well respected and very nice lady explains gently.

“This is for a ‘just in case’ scenario. If anything like an abruption happens, and your baby needs to be out, the steroids will ensure that your baby has a higher survival rate. In the case if nothing happens, we can give you a 3rd dose perhaps in the 28th week. Then we can time your c-sect accordingly as well. So far, there does not seem to be any side effects if we do not go above 3 doses. So this ‘just in case’ jab in my opinion, is not wrong, but makes medical sense logically.”

Everything that the team head said makes perfect sense. There’s no strong reason, it seems, to disagree to the jab. And so we agreed. The team recorded in the files for Roxanne to have the steroids jab taken.

But immediately after they left, Roxanne confided in me that she still feels uncomfortable.

She said that while the MF team talked about steroids, baby kicked and made lots of movement. And when the topic changed to something else, baby’s movements stopped.

But when we revisited the steroids topic, baby reacted again with a lot of kicks and movements.

As Rox shared this with me, I knew that I too, did not have the peace in my heart to go with the steroids jab, although my mind tells me that it is logical and agreeable. And we do trust the team of experts, especially the head, who seems like a really sharp and nice lady.

Let’s pray and ask God for His decision darling,” I grabbed the bible beside me and prayed.

Lord, it makes sense to go with the team’s suggestion, but we don’t really feel the peace. There are many things we do not understand, and we want your decision. If you want us to take the steroids, show me the word ‘take’. If you don’t want us to take it, show me the word ‘don’t’.

After I had prayed, I shut my eyes and opened the bible randomly, then pointed my finger randomly on the book. I opened my eyes and saw this:

“When you lay siege to a city for a long time, fighting against it to capture it, do not destroy its trees by putting an ax to them, because you can eat their fruit. Do not cut them down. Are the trees of the field people, that you should besiege them?” – Deuteronomy 20:19

God not only showed me the word “do not” twice, This passage which He showed me has the words “lay siege” and “capture” which could have been used interchangeably with the word “take”. But the word “take” wasn’t used.

This point affirmed me further of God’s decision that He would not like us to take the steroid.

While we cannot explain why this is God’s decision, when a Christian decides to trust in Christ, he trusts Him fully and he obeys even when he does not understand.

Ironically, that’s the spiritual rule for His life of abundance and eternity to be activated in Christians and that’s also God’s commandment – there are absolutely no two ways about this at all. You are either a disciple who follows Him by trusting and obeying Him fully, or you are not a disciple because you deny Him when you don’t.

So I got up quickly and informed the doctors and nurse about our changed decision.

Despite the doctor’s prognosis, we are actually doing much better in terms of our emotions. Those of you who had visited would have noted that we look better in spirits than thought. God has strengthened our faith and we believe God that everything will work out the best way possible for us and for Yixuan. Only by persevering in Him and taking good self care can we overcome.

I have to end with this amazing testimony. The same day we rejected the steroids, I bumped into an acquaintance at KKH. We studied in the same faculty during uni days. We had a quick conversation and I realised he is now married to another friend of mine from that faculty.

She delivered her baby at 28 weeks 3 months ago at KKH. Her baby weighed only 600+ grams! If my baby is under-growing, he told me that his baby fell way off down the charts!

Yet his baby made it after 3 months in the Neonatal ICU due to state of the art facilities and the dedicated care and expertise of the medical team at KKH. He said that prior to coming KKH, gynaes from two private hospitals actually gave his baby no chance and told them to terminate their baby (and you thought private hospitals are actually better?).

The best part of all this? He suddenly said, “The most important thing is to keep faith in the Lord.”

Hey wait a minute. I remembered clearly that the two of them weren’t Christians back in uni days. So I asked,”Sorry, but are you a Christian?

He replied “not me“, but “my wife gave her life to God through this ordeal after visiting a miracle healer.

Nevertheless, I do supposed that if he can ask me to keep faith, he must be several steps nearer to His Kingdom, isn’t it? What a way God would use to bring hope to us! When ordeals come, glory is near us as well.

I hope their story encouraged you too. God can and He will, when we believe and ask of Him sincerely.

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Of pregnancy complications, trials, and thankgivings

Roxanne was admitted on Tue night again, bleeding almost two-third of a pad full of blood.

As we rushed down to KKH yet again, we held hands and this time, both of us had an inner peace in our heart.

Earlier in the afternoon, God had shown us Roman 8. In times like this when everything is shaking, a Rhema Word of God is such an encouragement:

  • Verse 18 affirms us, “Our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.
  • Verse 19 reminds us of our beloved parents, “The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.” We have to stand in faith in anticipation that God will be honoured and glorified before them in this process.
  • Verse 24 challenges us to keep the faith, “For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what he already has?
  • Verse 28 – One of my favourite verse. Need I say more.
  • Verse 32 seems to be God’s direct answer / assurance to me that my child will be delivered, “He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?

Nevertheless, a Christian’s journey is one of testing. We would never require faith if there are no tests or trials.

Somehow, God seems to be allowing plenty of it right now. Please pray for us that we will overcome all of our current hurdles:

  1. Roxanne had minor contractions this time round. She stayed in the delivery room for one whole night and day. Baby is right now exactly 25 weeks. Still too early. The doctor on midnight duty proposed steroid injection when she learnt of Roxanne’s bleeding and contractions. Steroid injection speeds up the fetus’s lung development, in case of preterm delivery. The lungs is the most critical organ of a baby, such that preterm babies often do not survive because their lungs are not developed enough to breathe properly yet. However, the Maternal Fetal (MF) Team,  a team in charged of high risk cases, disagreed with administering steroids at this time. They wanted to wait and see and time the injection of steroids at the best time.
  2. Doctors have told us that our baby’s abdominal size is too small. It falls in the third percentile range. This means that compared to other fetuses, our baby’s tummy is so small that she belongs to the smallest 3% of all fetuses in her age range. A doctor explained that such abnormality could be due to Down syndrome, infections, disruptive bloodflow from placenta etc. They did all the scans and checks on Roxanne but our baby’s small size is still unexplained. We did not do the Down syndrome test though earlier on and it is inaccurate to do it now.
  3. It has been pretty discouraging with regards to infections. Infections in women is fairly common, and even more so in pregnant women. Though we often observe our hygiene and everything, Roxanne has got one infection after another. First, she had Garnerella, caused by a lack of good bacteria in her body. We cured that by taking yoghurt. Then, Group D enderocuccus species was discovered, which we cured by prescribed antibodies. Just when we thought that’s the last, she was found to have another infection. The antibodies she took for Group D species probably killed off her good bacteria again, resulting in yeast infection. Nevertheless, each infection is less severe and damaging to baby than the previous one. Maybe, it’s perseverance finishing its work, according to James 1.

Good things to give thanks for amidst everything

Despite all this that are happening, God is continuing to show us His providence. My work has been affected somewhat as I am not able to pick up new projects. I will be deferring my reservist so that will be a lost of income as well. Nevertheless, God is providing, as He has always done so. Always as He promised.

It seems like relationships at home have taken a little hit especially with how I stood up against people praying other forms of prayer other than Christ’s over our child. But love never fails. Much has been restored and I am thankful for that.

Keep believing.



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Her name shall be called Yixuan (義宣)

Roxanne has been discharged last Friday after a week’s stay at KKH. She has been advised on complete bed rest at home and will be followed up weekly by the high risk maternal fetal team.

At the moment, they will be doing weekly scans on her cervical length. They will also do weekly scans on the baby’s growth as they found her a tad small for her gestational age.

Though we have not exactly overcome all the difficulties, we are much relieved that we have overcome the most critical stage for baby.

We believe the turnaround is because the blessings of God have been activated in the spiritual realm. This is because of prayerful support. We believe this is also because we have declared in obedience that Jesus reigns in our baby’s life.

To understand, we will have to follow the chronological order of events over the last few days.

Sun: the day of declaration

This was the day before the cervical length scan. Previous scans have shown Roxanne’s cervix shortening at an alarming rate of 0.25cm/day. At this rate, Roxanne would have hit a critical length of 2.2 / 2.3cm.

Anything under 2.5cm is critical, which means the cervix may go on to dilate and Roxanne may go into pre-term labour.

Preventing this involves a surgical procedure of stitching up her cervix. Yet this also mean that there is a chance of where the womb’s membrane or water bag may be accidentally ruptured. When that happens, it would mean early labour as well and baby would not survive.

Everyone is worried for us and our child. My mum went to the temple in the morning to pray to her gods. She never tells me whenever she does this as she respects my faith in Jesus.

Not quite so for Roxanne’s mother. Not only is she a devout worshiper, she also has a charismatic personality and sometimes innocently imposes her beliefs on us. She’s the kind she will go Malaysia annually to light up lanterns, seek fortune telling, and may even pray for a shortening of life so as to ensure her family’s well-being.

Both our mums met in the hospital and my mum told Rox’s mum privately that she visited her temple that morning. Rox’s mum came to me to tell me about it. I felt very uncomfortable.

Later on in the afternoon, Rox’s mum again made some reference to a fortune telling stall. That was the opportunity I needed to make my stand.

While I completely understood her best intentions of praying for us, I had to, gently but firmly, tell her to stop.

I told her not to go fortune telling or do perform special rituals for the sake of baby’s welfare. I used a convenient Chinese phrase and told her that “the two sides will clash”.

I told her that my baby will be Jesus’s and Jesus will decide (her life). She listened and my mum heard it too. They seemed fine.

I told Roxanne that I felt very led to do that and I have to do it as their prayers (despite good intentions) will only add on to the spiritual warfare of our baby’s condition.

Mon: the day of the scan

Miracle turnaround! Roxanne’s scan showed that her cervical length did not drop further. Instead, it extended from 3.0cm to 3.8cm, much to our relief!

Then, it also occurred to me that yesterday, Sunday, was the first day right after the seventh month ghost festival! That was an important day for praying devotees!

This could be why my mum went to her temple in the morning. And I am almost certain that Rox’s mum has the intention of doing so too (since her place of worship is just around the corner. She also left especially early that afternoon).

Had I not made the declaration, and she had went to pray, or worse, offered to shorten her life so as to extend our baby’s, she would have concluded that Roxanne’s condition has improved because her gods have answered her prayers.

This would not have been what we wish for. After all, Roxanne’s biggest dream is to have her parents’ saved.

Or, perhaps God might have taken our child away if we have not stood up to declare His Lordship faithfully, as an act of grace for our parents?

Far-fetched? God is sovereign. He can decide to do anything. And Roxanne’s experience this night was hair-raising.

Roxanne was then exactly 23 weeks 5 days pregnant.

This night, she suddenly remembered this Hillsong’s worship leader who lost her baby and then sang Desert Song in This Is Our God album.

It’s a song and testimony that Roxanne felt touched by. She felt led to google about her to see if she can find any comfort or encouragement from her ordeal.

It was then Roxanne discovered that this worship leader has a blog and there’s even a post about her losing her baby.

Are you ready for this – she lost her baby at 23 weeks 5 days! Roxanne was exactly 23 weeks 5 days too when she read this post!

Roxanne cried for their pain and shared with me the website, of which I also broke into tears and worship. (Her touching post about her painful lost here: http://jillmccloghry.blogspot.sg/2008/07/maxs-story.html)

Tue: one day after the scan

As we continue to ponder about the spiritual significance, we remembered how closely Roxanne’s pregnancy condition resembles her mum’s.

Her mum was also put on complete bed rest because of threatened labour from 1st trimester.

Most shockingly, as we discovered termites in our home during this time of pregnancy complication, Rox’s mum told us that her old house was struck twice by termites – both times during her pregnancy!

At first, we were puzzled by this repeat of events and we wondered if it was because we have not done enough cutting off of generational curses.

We now sensed very strongly that God is doing a divine work through our pregnancy process. We sensed very strongly these parallel experiences may speak to Roxanne’s parents. Perhaps they will witness the grace and blessings of God through our ordeal? Perhaps they will understand that the turning point for our child came after our declaration of Jesus?

At the same time, I had a revelation from God that the manifestation of termites is a symbol of how God is working in our home – our own backyards. Termites in your backyard bring your attention back to your own home. Both Roxanne and I have often been very involved outside, but this is like an indication from God that He is moving us back into our own families.

With this, we saw God’s hand in our child’s divine purpose. This has always been something we pray upon our child. We dedicated our child to Jesus for His fullest glory right from conception.

Now, we see that even before she was born, God has used her to declare to our parents about His Lordship.

As such, our daughter shall be called 義宣 (Yixuan). Yi means righteousness and Xuan means proclamation. The Yi is written in the old style of the Mandarin language with a 羊(Yang) which means lamb, above, and a 我(Wo) which means me, below.

Some scholars who studied Chinese history found strong links between the olden Mandarin language and the Scriptures.

My righteousness according to the Scriptures, comes not from my own efforts, but from the lamb of God’s sacrifice for us. That is the meaning communicated by the old character of  Yi ( 義), which the new character does not.

Some have also highlighted that the old character Yi written “義” is so much more complicated than the new one written “义”.

Some have commented that Yi sounds more masculine and is not usually used for females.

But I now know that my girl’s got a special purpose and I want people who see her name to know that and I want her to see her parents’ purpose in giving her that name.

We believe just how special she is and she’s destined for God’s purposes.

She will know this by the name we chose for her.

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A threathened miscarriage

This period has been really trying.

It’s as if everything chooses its timing to happen now.

Rox was readmitted to hospital indefinitely because she’s showing signs of threatened labour.

Her cervix has shortened at an alarming rate, from 4.8cm to 3.0cm, over a span of 5 days.

There were signs of funneling at the opening of the cervix.

Last that we were notified yesterday, was that Roxanne’s water bag has lowered.

If she delivers now, our baby has less than 15% survival rate and even if she survives, the lengthy stay in the Neonatal ICU will incur charges amounting up to $80,000.

As if this were not enough, our house were found to be infested with termites.

I discover that while I was packing some clothes for Roxanne in the morning, after a night where I had no sleep and rest at all.

My house now is in a mess and I have to move to sleep in another room.

We have to inform our parents and make arrangements.

I have to invite a boy who has been staying with me to move out after these months so as to minimise our concerns.

I am also thinking of dropping a Magistrate complaint against a salesman for attacking me at my home, as the court meetings are happening right now together with all these.

My book and my drive for the fairy tale movement also has to take a back seat to all this.

We need all our attention and concentration to deal with Roxanne’s physical, emotional and mental health. And I have to stay mentally and emotionally strong to continue working to make sure we have what it takes to pay for my child’s arrival and hospital bills.

However, these trials have also reminded us that we must not forget to live life for a purpose.

We must not forget to raise our daughter alert and prepared, and for a purpose as well.

Perhaps the Lord is moulding us, like how James says – perseverance must finish it’s work.

Tribulation warns that many of us, even the elites, may not endure through.

I have faith in God that Rox and I will live through to understand His greater purposes for us. Other than drawing to Him and remaining in His Love, we have to BE STILL now, and know He is God.

Apologise if I am less able to respond or to meet your needs during this period, and I thank you for your prayers.

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British backpackers had triple the number of sexual partners

In a report today about British backpackers’ sexual behaviour in Australia, some frightening statistics were revealed:

  1. British backpackers in Australia often had triple the number of sexual partners they would have at home.
  2. Even for those who are already married or have a partner at home, 39.7% of them continued to have multiple sexual partners in Australia.
  3. For those who are single, 40.9% reported inconsistent condom use and 24% had unprotected sex with multiple partners.

What would you make out of these statistics?

Here are my comments:

Knowing about condoms do not guarantee its use. The high percentage of Brits who continues to engage in unprotected sex shows that it is the lost of conservative mores in their culture, rather than a lack of knowledge about condoms, that is behind their moral decline, health, family and children issues.

I am not even beginning to touch on the issue regarding the “actual effectiveness of a condom” and how “safe sex” is actually only “moderately safer sex”.

If I am raised and married in Britain, I would be really concerned, since at least one-third of them engage in adulterous affairs. If I can even hold my relationship and keep it intact. Not to mention true love, intimacy and health issues. If I grow up in such a culture, I will either be pressured to give in and be an unfaithful partner myself. Or be a quiet loser despised for my values. If I even speak out or stand up to defend the cultural decline, I will be deemed archaic, out-dated and backward. Now, who of you here remembers that conservative values have stood the test of time and are at one point, defined to be the bedrock of a strong family and nation.

Britain has been voted by UNICEF, the UN’s children’s charity as the worst place to raise children, among a league of industrialized nations. They are closely followed by America. Statistics put these countries as having one of the highest rate of STDs worldwide. One-quarter of American teens has an STD and one-fifth of all Americans above the age of 13 has herpes. Eighty percent of Brits who have herpes, remain unaware, undiagnosed and untreated. Not to mention that there is no known cure for herpes. Everyone with herpes continues to spread the disease even when there appears to be no symptoms.

I can go on and on with the list of shocking statistics… it is unbelievable at times, and it gets depressing each time I mention it.

I hope Singapore never gets mentioned in such a way as above, but I believe we could be at this critical, make or break juncture.

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My Proposal 2

Chavonne’s story is not the only testimony we had from our proposal.

Elkan and Melvin, another two of my helpers, have a story to tell too.

Elkan and Melvin were supposed to be my “guardian angels”. As I was proposing in a public place like Mt Faber, I needed assistance to prevent the public from heading up into the pavilion where I will be proposing.

With the pavilion well decorated and curtained with lights from within, I was sure it would catch the attention of people nearby.

The last thing I need when I pop the question, “Will you marry me?” is to have our curtains pulled off suddenly and our privacy invaded. Hence, Elkan and Melvin were playing a most important role.

So on the proposal day, after our romantic candlelight dinner, I blindfolded Rox and led her to the pavilion. There, I showed her the scrapbook I made and recounted our journey together. As we were inside, we could already see through the translucent curtain, curious onlookers and passer-bys whispering about the decorated pavilion we were in.

“Do not worry, I have got my guardian angels, Elkan and Melvin, keeping watch outside,” I confidently assured Rox. They were the reasons why we felt so safe and secure. They were the reasons why we could thoroughly enjoy our private moments in such a public place.

It was after I had proposed to Roxanne and she had said yes, when we noticed a group of passer-bys who seemed to take considerable  interest in our pavilion. They seemed to inch closer to our pavilion. They sounded Korean.

As this group approached, we could see from the translucent curtains, two shadowy figures in the shape and size of my two friends, running out and redirecting them away. We could even hear Elkan saying something like, “Excuse me… er… my friend is proposing inside.. would u mind…”

We could not hear the rest of the conversation which fizzled out.

Nevertheless, we were both very impressed by Elkan and Melvin’s professionalism.

We were also very touched that they sacrificed so much of their time and did such a wonderful job for us.

When Rox went out of the pavilion to look for them to ask them to join us, she called out their names repeatedly, but they stayed hidden. Best buddies, I thought.

After Rox and I left, I SMSed Elkan and Melvin a thank you message, signalling to them that they can now clear up the pavilion.

The next day, when we met Elkan to collect the proposal props from him, we praised and thanked him constantly for his wonderful and professional service.

We especially remarked at how we saw him running out and stopping the group that was walking towards the pavilion.

Elkan had this puzzled look on his face throughout when we praised him. His expression was so strange that I was getting a little confused.

Then, he made a most unthinkable remark.

“Actually, I am sorry, because we did not really keep watch for you. Shortly after you arrived, we felt hungry and decided to drive down for a quick supper.”

I was shocked, “Didn’t you run out and stop a group of Korean tourists before you went for a meal?”

“Nope I didn’t.” replied Elkan. Not only did he confirmed that he did not stop any group, he confessed that both of them went missing in action till I SMSed them to tell them I was done.

By then, all three of us could feel our hairs standing. We just looked at each other, not knowing what to say or to make out of this. Until Elkan suddenly broke the silence.

“Before we ate, we felt guilty. So Melvin made a prayer – he asked God to send his angels to keep watch over you, in place of the two of us.”

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My Proposal 1

Last Sunday was Easter Sunday. As Christians, Easter Sunday mean a lot to us because of Christ’s Resurrection. For Roxanne and me, it holds an even more meaningful memory.

Last Easter was the day I proposed.

I wanted to get married before the age of 30. Rox knows that and was expecting a proposal before 2007 runs out cause that will give a 1 year sweet buffer to Dec 2008, where I turn 30. However, somehow, things just didn’t seem to work out. I couldn’t firm up my ideas for proposal. I was empty when I was writing my proposal song. There was simply no creative revelation. And most important of all, there were unexplainable hiccups of approval from people that mattered to us.

We ended 2007 quarreling. Rox was upset as I had told others that I would propose by Dec 07, and everyone was asking her if I had proposed. She got tired answering them. I can imagine her frustration too, but somehow, I just don’t seem to have the necessary resources made available to me to propose. I concluded that when it’s time, things will somehow work out.

Weeks passed. One day, on 25-Feb-08, while praying, I suddenly received a vision of my proposal – it was nighttime, on a hilltop, with some lights, within a shelter. I vaguely figured out the date of the proposal – 23 Mar 08 – a month before our 1-year anniversary (as boyfriend and girlfriend). Coolest of all, I thought I heard God congratulated me and wished me all the best!

Within that same hour, I wrote my proposal song, lyrics included, something I failed to produce for the last few months!

So with one month to proposal, I gathered all my helpers, produced a scrapbook detailing our story, planned the location decor, bought all the necessary stuffs, made arrangements for the actual day, booked restaurant etc. Meanwhile, I had to juggle my full time job and attend army Remedial Training for failing my fitness test. If not for some divine affirmation, I wouldn’t have believed that all this can be done within a month!

Here are some of our proposal pictures:

Proposal Page

Falling Snow


One of my helpers, Chavonne, had been wanting to leave Singapore for a holiday break. But somehow, when her auntie called her and offered exactly that, she turned it down without knowing why. The next day, she got my message asking her to help me for the proposal and agreed delightfully (she knew the reason why she turned her auntie down).

I arranged to meet Chavonne to show her the place that I intended to propose. Something strange then happened. Chavonne subsequently dreamt of my proposal and sketched the scene out. I had not told her the exact location I was planning to propose. I only gave her a general location to meet the rest of the helpers where I will then pick them up.

She dreamt that I proposed on a hilltop overlooking buildings and trees, and along the way up to the hill, there was a church with a bell in it. This was what she drew when she woke up:


You could see the hilltop, the buildings and trees, and a pavilion (which looks like a house with a table and seats inside). There is also a church along the way up to the hilltop. This church is a special church in that it has a bell inside, as displayed in the next sketch:


The church with a bell.

Here’s how the actual location of my proposal look like:

You can clearly see the decorated pavilion (it has a Japanese style round wooden table and 2 seating mats inside) in these two pictures. The photo on the left also captured the bright building lights below the hilltop.

This was the reason why Roxanne and I were both shocked when we saw Chavonne’s sketch. Chavonne was shocked too when I first drove her up to the location – it was exactly like what she saw in her dream.

However, there was still a mystery surrounding her drawing – where is the church with the bell? None of us noticed any church, and it is not very common to find churches with bells in Singapore at all.

Days after the proposal, we deliberately drove back to Mt Faber to try and solve the mystery.

To our amazement, along the same winding road up the hill, is this white building that we have often passed by but missed – when we went in to explore, we discovered that it is actually the “Danish Seamen Church”. It has a bell outside!

The “Danish Seaman Church” at Mt Faber


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