Fairy Tale Movement

As a relationship coach and family life consultant, Leo aspires to see the young of Singapore pursue healthy relationships, build successful marriages and experience fulfilling family lives. However, current trends do not seem to encourage that. Divorce statistics in many developed nations are more than 50%. A quarter of teens in the West are infected with a sexually transmitted diseases. Alternative family structures have replaced traditional family structures and this seems set to continue. Many children do not have the privilege of growing up in an intact family today. Much fewer can say that their marriages or families are happy and blissful.

These trends seem to be the direct result of pleasure-oriented, self-seeking attitudes promoted by Western culture and arts, beginning from the sexual revolution in the 1960s. The result of all this is that young people today are finding it harder to build lasting, happy relationships. In an increasingly self-oriented society, people are losing trust in each other and losing faith in marriages. Less and less people view commitment through marriage as the goal while more and more experiment with alternative models of relationship without realising the consequences that come along with it. With such global influence and mounting media pressure on our young, society will become more and more handicapped in finding true love and building real intimacy.

A counter cultural movement is required to empower our young to believe in love again and to pursue the best way to find it. We need to re-emphasize on age-old values like faithfulness; chivalry; chasity; sacrifice; delay gratification; honesty; respect; commitment and friendship, beyond the physical and emotional aspects of love. Using his professional position and life experiences, Leo actively encourages the young to believe that a fairy tale love can still be possible today. Fairy tales can become reality, when we set out to develop ourselves to be ready for true love. But it’s more than just an individual thing. It is our culture which provides that base to support our dreams. We must never allow the stuffs of fairy tales to be snuffed out from our culture. Fairy tales act as a hope for children, a vision for teenagers and a goal for adults. Not for the faint-hearted, support is needed for anyone who yearns to develop mature love to pursue a successful relationship. This is why Leo started Wonderfully Made, and began a facebook page “Fairy Tales Are Real” for supporters to pool their voice together.

So… Let the Fairy Tale Movement begin…

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