Fairy Tales Are Real

The production of the book Fairy Tales Are Real is currently halted as Leo and Roxanne copes with their pregnancy complications.

Fairy Tales Are RealFind Love And Make It Last! is written by Relationship Coach and Family Life Consultant of Wonderfully Made, Leo Hee Khian. The book is part of Leo’s ambition to educate and encourage youths towards building a successful relationship as part of the fairy tale movement. The book aims to provide critical relationship knowledge in an engaging, story-telling way, to empower readers towards finding their fairy tale love in a step-by-step, practical way.

Synopsis of Book:

What is love? Many people believe the experience from a relationship would give insight to human’s most searched yearning. We jump into it expecting the time of our lives, but more often than not, we end up entangled in a web of disillusionment. Why do many people not feel loved despite being in a relationship? What are the differences between men and women in the way we respond to love? Is adultery all about lust? What is chemistry and how is it related to long-lasting love? Does fairy tale love really exist?

Fairy Tales Are Real is written for ordinary men and women who wish to find answers to these questions and unravel the secrets to fulfilling love. Exclusive love need not be elusive. Everyone who believes in love ought to know how to find it! This book provides critical relationship knowledge comprehensively, in an engaging way, through stories, personal experiences and case studies. It empowers readers to find their own fairy tale love, in a practical, step-by-step way. Let the Fairy Tale Movement begin…

Chapter Titles:

  • Chapter 1: Fairy Tales Often Start Off On The Wrong Foot What does romantic love comprise?
  • Chapter 2: Honey, I Struggle With LustWhat goes on in a man’s mind about love and lust?
  • Chapter 3: Communication That Sparks Everlasting LoveWhat is chemistry and how is it connected to the essence of love?
  • Chapter 4: The Ideal Relationship FrameworkDiscover what corrupts a relationship and the best model to keep it intact.
  • Chapter 5: The Relationship FlowchartNavigating through the 8 Stages of Courtship healthily.
  • Chapter 6: What You Don’t See Could Destroy Your RelationshipExpounding on Critical Factor #1.
  • Chapter 7: The Hardest Thing To Do Is The Best Thing You Can Do Expounding on Critical Factor #2.
  • Chapter 8: Your Greatest Enemy Is YourselfExpounding on Critical Factor #3.
  • Chapter 9: Is Adultery all about SexOvercoming the temptation of infidelity.
  • Chapter 10: Sexual Re-RevolutionIf we don’t stand up for what we want, our lives will be defined by what we don’t want.


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